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Best Set: Collegiate a cappella fans have known about the Beelzebubs or The Bubs as the cool kids have started calling them for decades.

An important update about the future of The A Cappella Blog, and particularly coverage of Varsity Vocals events appears at the end of this article. This is one of the final regular posts for this publication season. The easy, objective pick here is The SoCal VoCals--after all, the group that wins the international championship should have put forth the best set of the year.


Casual Harmony gave a very good performance and made it enjoyable to hear in a different context. While every scholastic a cappella group changes with every passing year, rare is the group that can change my mind about them in such a pronounced way as Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Stockapella did this year.

Vocal Point had a number of things going from it. The Motown Record , which topped the Australian charts and went five-times platinum. This is the penultimate regular post for this publication season.

The Best I've Seen

This all-male ensemble provides the illusion of a traditional band with full vocal support. The performance was just so dynamic aurally and visually that it had audience members applauding mid-song, and delivered an all-around unforgettable spectacle.

Over the last couple years, there has no shortage of collegiate groups covering Mumford and Sons. As a result, picking the best one out of the bunch has proved to be an extremely difficult task.

We will return to regular posting in September 2012. The all-girls group performed as well as their outfit was good. The group even appeared on The Sing-Off , coming in second place, and served as the inspiration for Barden Treblemakers in Pitch Perfect, which was based on a non-fiction novel of the same name.

For decades the sounds of Motown have influenced and inspired generation of music fans around the globe. I like to think there was a correlation.

The solo was clear and professional-sounding. So there you have it — enough great a cappella to fuel a whole new playlist on your iPod! There are some moments that transcend the more basic, quantifiable measure of a cappella excellence. You can say he does his own stunts, singing up to 14 separate parts during one song. Tickets for all tour appearances are on sale now.