Whole house smells like gasoline from garage

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whole house smells like gasoline from garage

Dec 14, 2013 The smell is gone, thanks everyone! Show Ignored Content. DrivingPigeon , Dec 14, 2013. If the fire department says that it's safe, maybe you can light candles down there and try to burn some of the fumes.

Trackbacks are Off. Dec 19, 2013 I guess lighting a match is out of the question?

How to get rid of gasoline smell in house?

Refbacks are Off. Is this a danger for an explosion? If you call on the phone, document it and use you phone bill if possible as proof you did call.

Re-design 7 years ago. Time to take a few days holiday somewhere else, while you air out the house. We had the fire department come and meter it as we were scared our house could erupt hot water heater and furnace are both on the wall the garage is on.

whole house smells like gasoline from garage

Quercus austrina Burf Answer 7 years ago. It was awful!

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Use a hose lead fresh air to the fan inlet. Find More Posts by Groucho.

whole house smells like gasoline from garage

It also may have not been built correctly and there may be no partition between the units. Our basement has zero ventilation because the previous owners installed the glass block windows and didn't put in vents so we can't open those up..

Spilled gasoline in garage now house reeks!

Look for any places you can find where light enters and make whatever corrections you can to seal those areas. If the problem persists, complain to the condo association, your neighbors and the local fire department. There are two kinds. Are you sure you soaked up all the liquid gas?

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