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Search Advanced search. When combined with Mathematica 5's enhanced Assumptions and new Assuming technologies, this provides a solid framework for computing difficult integrals , even those with complicated parameters, with unprecedented accuracy and rigor. This is the generic solution, giving a complete parametrization of all possible solutions to this equation over the specified domain the integers. Wolfram Research, Inc. Articles needing more work Computer algebra systems. However, the identity can be rigorously shown to hold by formulating the problem as a logical expression "For all a, b, and c that correspond to sides of a triangle, the identity 3 holds," and then evaluating to see if the result is True the proposition is correct or False the proposition is incorrect.

The command RSolve has been completely rewritten for Mathematica 5 and promoted to a kernel function. Jump to: Hidden category: The following examples only scratch the surface of the new functionality available in Mathematica 5. For example, a beautiful identity from triangle geometry states that the inradius r and circumradius R of a triangle with side lengths a , b , and c with corresponding angles A , B , and C are related by.

This article needs more work. Retrieved from " https: The same command also can be used to compute complex norms. True Since the result is True , the proposition has been proved.

This is the latest approved revision, approved on 17 April 2014. The draft has 5 changes awaiting review. In Mathematica 5, vector and matrix norms are now built in. The Pell equation is a simple example of a quadratic Diophantine equation. Noting that the condition for three numbers to be side lengths of a triangle is given by.

In version 5, common statistical functions such as Mean , Variance , and Median are now built in to the kernel and no longer require loading via packages. But the starting value doesn't have to be 1, nor does 1 have to be the increment value, which can even be negative if desired in which case it's a decrement.

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But more usefully still, arithmetic operations can be applied to the entire sequence specifying each only once. Readers of MathWorld will benefit greatly from the new and enhanced capabilities of Mathematica 5, which has been used extensively in the computations and derivations appearing on the site and in the downloadable Mathematica notebooks provided for more than 1000 individual entries.

Mathematica 5 can now rigorously proove many geometric identities and inequalities using quantifier elimination. Please help by expanding it! Mathematica's Integrate capabilities have been streamlined, improved, and systematically extended in version 5.