Who is the insurance commissioner of florida

Florida Insurance Commissioner Complaint

If you are calling from Out of State please dial 850 413-3089. Here are more articles you may enjoy. Yes No.

who is the insurance commissioner of florida

Insurance is just such a different business than others because companies are selling a promise to their consumers. They all are interested in servicing their consumers and making sure that they have the best experience possible. Description of the problem or issue. Making sure that message gets out is extraordinarily important.

Florida Deputy Insurance Commissioner Murphy Receives Dineen Award from NAIC

Southeast News Topics: We spend time at the local universities, introducing folks to insurance. That is a point that is very important and often lost on those outside the industry. Before filing or contacting please have the following information ready: Yes No, Never Yes, but will offer much less for it.

who is the insurance commissioner of florida

Want to stay up to date? We get a lot of great talent from FAMU, the other local university. Submit No Thanks. Because even though we only directly regulate the insurance companies, the decisions we make with respect to them impact so many other people that might not necessarily be in our jurisdiction.

who is the insurance commissioner of florida

Powered by InsuranceJournal. What would be your advice to the industry as a young person who started out as an agent and moved on to a different role? What advice would you give them in improving that ability to attract? Email us at newsdesk insurancejournal. How could the industry could do better at making that point known? Do you find yourself now that you are on the consumer side, having to be more protective of the consumers or looking at the industry a little bit more suspiciously?

FL OIR Insurance Commissioner, David Altmaier FAIR Foundation Conference Message on Flood Insurance

Tapping into that can go a long way in introducing folks into the insurance industry. But now, as head of the department, what are some of your priorities? We spend a lot of time working with the industry, but we also spend a lot of time working with all of the other industry stakeholders.

who is the insurance commissioner of florida

You can also submit a complaint on insurance products, including bonds, warranties, and annuities by emailing the Division: Diminished Value of Georgia.

At the end of the day, they make for an easy boogeyman.