Who got next radio on iphone

What we got were The Hits — compressed and pumped out over the AM band.

What is NextRadio?

They hoped people would keep using their smartphones like the transistor radios they grew up with themselves, when the future was really in streaming.

Get Our Best Stories! Pure and simple. February 25, 2019 Cover Story: After bankrolling efforts to put FM on smartphones, and racking up millions of dollars in operating losses during the past five years, Emmis will radically reduce operations at its two subsidiaries.

FCC, NextRadio Want FM Radios on iPhones

Apple has issued its first public response to growing pressure by the FCC and other groups to activate FM terrestrial radio features inside iPhones for end-users. We developed a streaming version until this goal becomes a reality.

Other than... Toggle navigation.

who got next radio on iphone

That the radio industry did not get behind the NextRadio project demonstrates, in my view, that leadership does not hold out for, or have a belief in the idea that the medium has much in the way of a secure or exciting future — despite the continuous bleating to the contrary.

Ninety-one percent of the population listens to radio each week to learn about new artists, breaking news and entertainment, and to hear from their favorite radio personalities.

who got next radio on iphone

Remember there are only a finite number of radio licenses available in any given area, and a pretty small number of privileged owners who control them. They also saw their grip on the listening market slipping away.

They make it sound so antiseptic. Clay Travis. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. The technical implications facing radio stations that participated in TagStation is still sorting itself out. Maybe it was the fact that NextRadio developers were unsuccessful at convincing Apple to activate the hybrid radio app on iPhones?

Segan is also a multiple award-winning travel writer.

who got next radio on iphone

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