Who are the others game of thrones

White Walkers

Their eyes are bright blue. According to the red priestess Melisandre of Asshai , the Others are the servants of a deity called the Great Other , the god of darkness, ice and death who is locked in eternal warfare with R'hllor , the god of light, fire and life.

who are the others game of thrones

The Laws of Gods and Men. The Neverborn:.

The dead are reanimated as living, breathing human beings. The Night Lands.

who are the others game of thrones

One of these carvings strongly resembles the Night King. Wights can be killed by fire or by using a dragon glass, and serve the Walkers without question.

who are the others game of thrones

He had also taken possession of a device known as the Horn of Winter , which according to legend could shatter the Wall. Well if you look closely at Viserion's eyes they resemble a white walker much more than a wight. According to legend, the Others came from the Lands of Always Winter six or eight thousand years ago, and brought with them cold and darkness that lasted a generation: He attacks the Walker from behind, stabbing it in the shoulder.

Here's the difference between White Walkers and wights on 'Game of Thrones'

Here's how George R. The Others are said to be able to craft weapons and armor from ice itself, and considering how monumental an undertaking it would have been for the First Men, this scenario does seem much more realistic.

They are actually said to have an otherworldly, icy beauty to them.

who are the others game of thrones

Eventually, the people of Westeros rallied against them and, in a conflict known as the War for the Dawn , defeated the White Walkers and drove them back into the frozen Far North. In his Lies of the Ancients Archmaester Fomas speculates that the Others were a tribe of the First Men who had been living in the far north. His story was not believed by Lord Eddard Stark , who executed him as a deserter.

who are the others game of thrones

By Charlotte Ahlin. This earns Sam the name Sam the Slayer.