Where did the rage virus come from

Rage virus

After some more work with the inhibitor, and mixing it with Ebola, Warren and Clive administered their new drug to their chimpanzee test subjects. Filling it's host with completely mindless and uncontrollable rage and hatred towards everything around them.

The power is then cut and everyone begins to panic.

where did the rage virus come from

They leave and encounter snipers who kill the old couple trying to stop them from escaping. Also Alice's eyes did bleed dark red, yet this was the only thing relating her to the other Infected. Sign in here. Alice Harris' bloodshot left eye; the only apparent symptom of infection seen in Carriers.

where did the rage virus come from

The man then begins activating the Rage Virus' domino powers by beginning an outbreak in the room. Doyle eventually manages to kill them and the proceed onwards with Andy catching a glimpse of his infected father. One of these changes includes continuously pumping adrenaline into the host's system, giving the Infected odd feats of strength, agility, endurance especially in pursuit of the uninfected.

where did the rage virus come from

Often by lying dormant in an uninfected host. Dog-owner unwittingly signs away her pet during vet clinic visit.

where did the rage virus come from

Sign up for a new account in our community. Report Error. When Warren went to investigate, he was attacked by the knocker; an infected monkey, who quickly infected Warren. Cambridge scientists Clive and Warren were hired to try and isolate the specific neurochemicals that cause anger and excessive aggression in humans in order to develop an inhibitor that regulates anger control issues.

Rage virus festers in lame sequel '28 Weeks Later'

The sequel has a nasty spirit and unlike the original, has no sense of humour, and often, no sense at all. One and a half stars out of four. After the Original Outbreak, the original Infected gradually began to die from starvation. The Air Cavalry firebombed District One in an effort to wipe the Rage Virus out, but a large number of Infected survived the firebombing and escaped into the derelict London, respreading the Infection in the city.

where did the rage virus come from

The Aftermath Within five weeks - six months after the initial outbreak, nearly all of the Infected in mainland England had died, 28 Weeks Later although there were still some Infected further north in the mainland particularly in Scotland who were more recently infected and had therefore not yet starved to death.

When the US Army learned of the presence of surviving Infected in London, they, having not yet given up, began venting chemical gas and sending out soldiers and attack choppers to exterminate the remaining Infected. Alice was notable for an Infected as she was not suffering any dementia or rage, yet she did glare at soldiers with hostility, even when they professed a desire to help her and treat her well.