What we know about online course outcomes

what we know about online course outcomes

How do college-wide and program outcomes differ? Will I have to address all of the college-wide outcomes in my course? Have a question of your own? One of the chief differences between a learning outcome and an objective or competency is that a learning outcome describes how the student will integrate knowledge, skills, and abilities learned in a course, program or college education in a complex role performance. How do they differ from competencies?

The following example further illustrates the difference between a learning outcome and an objective. The benefits to the College will be clearly stated College-wide, and ultimately, program and course learning outcomes presented in a consistent format.

At the same time, we feel that these outcomes are so critical to the future success of our graduates that we need to put curriculum in place that consistently and systematically integrates core skills and abilities across the college, and ensures that our graduates have developed them.

what we know about online course outcomes

When that is the case, program outcomes typically require the student to demonstrate higher levels of a particular outcome, or performance of the outcome in a context unique to that discipline. Learning outcomes are not the same as competencies or objectives. They describe core skills and abilities our graduates need to succeed in the world of work, and in a world that demands continuous learning--skills like critical thinking, problem solving, writing, speaking, and the ability to do information research and use technology.

Learning outcomes make curriculum goals clear and transparent to all stakeholders. Learning outcomes will facilitate opportunities for development of alternative program and course delivery, flexible assessment for RPL and clear articulation with educational partners such as high schools, other post-secondary educational institutions, apprenticeship boards and accreditation boards.

what we know about online course outcomes

Faculty with expertise in teaching and assessing for any of the college-wide outcomes, who are willing to share their expertise with others, are encouraged to contact us. This web site consists of self-directed, on-demand access to definitions, advice, interactive tools, articles, self-evaluation checklists, templates, and examples of learning outcomes. While we recognize that many of us are teaching and assessing for these outcomes already, our hope is that curriculum can be put in place across the college which systematically fosters development of these outcomes in all of our students.

Others may address several.

Program & Course Development

We hope to "tap into" the expertise that already exists among faculty at RRC in terms of teaching and assessing for core skills and abilities as we move forward with the outcomes initiative. A web site has been developed for use by instructors and course developers. Toggle navigation.

what we know about online course outcomes

Email the Program and Curriculum Development Department at development rrc. Not at all.