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Andrei Streke Read More. This pattern of reversal occurs in many fields, including medicine, [iii] and is exactly what happened in the case of CRISS.

Intro to the What Works Clearinghouse’s Reviews of Individual Studies Database

I also, learned multiple computer software programs. Validation report for the Program Effectiveness Panel , unpublished manuscript, 1994.

The What Works Clearinghouse 2016 in Review

Hershey, R. The WWC also developed one-page evidence snapshots for more than 500 intervention reports.

what s working clearinghouse review

Gersten, R. Importantly, however, this study was only preliminary in nature.

what s working clearinghouse review

Related Case Studies. Search for: The What Works Clearinghouse: In addition to intervention reports that summarize the research on a program or practice, WWC quick reviews and single study reviews are now available to provide timely assessments of the quality of individual education studies. Hanson, B.

What Works Clearinghouse

How did the WWC reach this conclusion? Since its launch in 2003, the WWC has played a central role in advancing rigorous evaluation methods in the field of education. Upload your resume Sign in.

what s working clearinghouse review

Supporting these efforts, we continued to identify, assess, and synthesize the findings from high quality research. Another possibility is that the initial finding was accurate—that is, the program did produce positive effects when implemented on a small scale i.

what s working clearinghouse review

Shannon Monahan Read More. It does this by providing a web portal of comprehensive, systematic, high-quality reviews of studies on the effectiveness of educational programs, products, practices, and policies.

what s working clearinghouse review

Wonderful place to work. Because the WWC is in effect encouraging schools and districts to adopt programs that are unlikely to improve student outcomes. Julia Lyskawa Read More. Not Accurately Reported. Ok place to work but largely depends on your manager. Cifu, Ending Medical Reversal: The WWC reached this conclusion by simply averaging the effects found in the two studies as if they had equal evidentiary value and ignoring that the large IES-sponsored RCT was far more credible.