What is verticutting greens

The fundamental principles must be learned, but the management style evolves with the individual. It was terrific.

Cutting Up

Golf management companies often provide targeted seminars for the golf course superintendents they employ. It gave them more putting surface. Faith is a big part of my life. The Internet has expanded the options.

Promote growth (Turfgrass maintenance)

Superintendents have to understand the balance sheet. Forward spinning is more aggressive. Blog at WordPress. Communications Superintendents have to be proactive when opening the lines of communication and responsible for ensuring everyone who needs to be kept in the loop is well informed.


Closely spaced vertical blades and a deep cutting depth vigorously churn up soil and results can require a longer recovery period. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas.

what is verticutting greens

This will avoid making turf more susceptible to disease. When a verticutter passes over a section of turf, results are visible.

How long does it take a golf green to recover from Verticutting?

He can be reached at jtorsiello sbcglobal. Rees, who has been at Westwood five and a half years and previously worked at Newton Country Club as assistant superintendent, wants equipment that can stand up to the rigors of the job. Last year, before shoulder surgery cut his season short, he won his first tournament in 23 years and claimed his largest-ever paycheck at the Outback Steakhouse Pro-Am in Tampa, Fla.

Verticutting isn't aeration, and it isn't grooming. Verticutting is a process by which the grass plants are sliced vertically to promote lateral movement of bentgrass.

what is verticutting greens

Verticutters, on the other hand, dig deeper into the turf canopy and penetrate the crown area of the plant, possibly below, severing stolons and stems.

My biggest concern about design right now is that architects are trying to outdo each other — too many bunkers, too much undulation, too long and too penal.

the green's verti-cutting process

This makes it possible for operators to use groomers for the simultaneous cut. I was the U. Vertical mowing in the traditional sense is a remedial mechanical process to remove excess thatch, reduce turf canopy density and extract organic material from the turf region at or below the plant crown area.

You even own a sod farm.

what is verticutting greens

The groundskeeping staff does. How do you want to be remembered 100 years from now? Turf specialists can schedule the second application mid-season, during the most active growth. For example, if you mow at 1.

what is verticutting greens