What is php mysql package

Package: php-mysql (1:7.0+35ubuntu6)

Open the Apache web server configuration file httpd. A web server.

what is php mysql package

If you would like to install the mysql extension along with the mysqli extension you have to use the same client library to avoid any conflicts.

Typically development and debugging is performed on a local web server, while the production environment is located on a remote web server.

MySQL native driver for PHP - mysqlnd

The PHP processing will be enabled automatically. Run the installation file. Open Notepad or another text editor. See http: Either remove it or update it.

what is php mysql package

After the installation, you need to set up the environment that all the software components work properly with each other. Click here for more information on how to configure XDebug.

what is php mysql package

You cannot launch winmysqladmin. A file named libmysql. Now PHP loads the library that came with its package and everything works fine.

Package: php-mysql (2:7.3+69)

Note that all Xdebug settings have text explaining them. See Manual Instruction Steps in the php.

what is php mysql package

Please note that libmySQL. External Tools and Services. Mobile Applications.

How to install apache, php, mysql & phpmyadmin on Ubuntu 16.04

Use version 1. Change the value of the setting from localhost to 127. Troubleshooting If the page does not open: The following page opens: To send comments and suggestions, get support, and keep informed on the latest developments on the NetBeans IDE PHP development features, join the users php.

what is php mysql package

Copy the. When the download is complete, run the. By default the file is located in C: It appears that instead of loading libmysql.