What happened on may 2 1972 sunshine

Famous Deaths: Created by Christy Woolum at 9: Jim Bush then headed back toward the 910 raise where he encountered Bob Bush, Wayne Blalock, and Pat Hobson, who were in a state of near exhaustion. The remaining 520 feet of the corkscrew-shaped borehole was in better condition, and the manned capsule was able to reach the 4800 level shortly after 7 a.

10. Here Comes Sunshine -} China -} Rider - Grateful Dead - 2/17/73 St. Paul Aud - U31DoD 12 Edition

Safety training improved; the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration was established; and underground workers now carry self-rescuers, devices that allow them to breathe in bad-air situations.

Videogames What videogames would you be playing back in the days?

91 miners died 40 years ago at Sunshine Mine in Idaho

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what happened on may 2 1972 sunshine

Kinji Fukasaku Starring: But hard-rock mining remains a dangerous job. On reporting for work, each mine worker normally picks up a cap lamp and battery specifically assigned to him.

what happened on may 2 1972 sunshine

The numbers considered lucky for this zodiac animal are 2 and 3, while numbers to avoid are 5 and 9. For those of us that grew up in the Silver Valley of northern Idaho none of us will forget May 2nd, 1972. Tonight Cloudy skies.

I was seventeen years old when we heard the news of the fire. This enabled rescue crews to establish fresh air bases as they progressed further into the mine.

what happened on may 2 1972 sunshine

The David Nixon Show. Immediately afterward, according to the depositions made by survivors, Fred Gene Johnson, a shift boss, while at the 3700 level No. Wayne Findley was stationed with the Army in Germany when his half-sister called to tell him their brother had died.

Tuesday May 2, 1972

They retreated and tried to return to the 08 machine shop. Peter Bernardos More info. Gendai yakuza: There is a vague possibility that the hot bolts or some smoldering material such as wooden wedges, headboards, or rags may have been collected and disposed of behind timbers close to the 09 drift intersection, to flare up after the three workers left the area.