What does oil change cost at walmart

In 1972, the company was listed in the New York Stock Exchange, and during the 1980s and 1990s, Walmart would grow exponentially. Nevermind Don't show this again Report Expired. Want more consumer news?

Walmart Oil Change for as low as $9.90 labor only or $19.99 labor and material

Home Depot: Quote from Truth-Serum: I have asked before and my local Walmart will NOT do oil change labor only with customer provided oil. So I checked the tire pressure and every tire had close to 50 pounds of pressure. Temporally unavailable. I just found out that I can purchase good synthetic oil at walmart and then have them change the oil in my work van.

You never rotated your tires? Page 1 of 2. They provide low prices for quality services. Find a qualified person and give them your business.


The employees and their manager spent most the time spraying each other with air hoses and windshield fluid. Helpful Comment?

We even understand why you might buy food there, god help you. Frontpage Deal.

what does oil change cost at walmart

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what does oil change cost at walmart

Add Deal Alert Nevermind. Next Up: The same is true for the Higher Mileage and Semi-Synthetic Oil, with the biggest difference being the type of oil used. High Mileage For vehicles with over 75,000 miles, protects against oil burn-off and leaks, and helps extend engine life.

what does oil change cost at walmart

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what does oil change cost at walmart

The mechanic said that when the oil was changed, oil was spilled all over the engine compartment, after the tech at Wal-Mart realized their mistake they washed the compartment with water, allowing water to seep into the engine where the spark plugs are housed, thus causing the engine sputtering. I wouldn't let those monkeys at Walmart ever touch my car again. I inquired about the wait time and was told about a half hour. Save 10 bucks on Cheerios or toothpaste, instead.