What does morbid obsession mean in

The second reason is that many practitioners fall into the trap of being distracted by the nasty content of the thoughts, failing to recognize them as obsessions rather than true desires. According to NIMH figures, nearly ten percent of those who ever have it are already showing signs between the ages of five and ten.

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If a particular assignment cannot be done in a whole step it may be broken down into smaller steps. Your gift has the power to change the life of someone living with OCD. What could possibly have induced this mild looking thirty-six year old financial planner to think this way? Bill Blundell, a licensed counselor in Illinois who specializes in treating children and adolescents with OCD, said that occasionally when high-schoolers confide in their friends about their obsessions, the friends tend to "freak out, it spreads like wildfire, and the teenager becomes an outcast.

Treating Morbid Obsessions

We want to hear what you think about this article. They can acknowledge the thoughts, but do not feel as if they must react to them. You can learn more about it at www. When the thoughts are treated as genuine impulses, the practitioner often tries to help the person control them, or else gets lost in endless discussions of what the thoughts really mean.

what does morbid obsession mean in

We go wherever we have to go and do whatever it takes to create therapeutic situations that will help the person to confront their thoughts. The business of writing obituaries may seem, at first glance, a morbid affair. In this way, he would learn that he didn't have to escape or stay at home like a recluse.

By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from: During basketball practice, I would think of fondling my classmates' breasts through our white cotton gym shirts and cross my arms in horror.

Obsessive Thoughts: A Darker Side of OCD

The First Violin Jessie Fothergill. They would make me think, 'Yeah, but how do you know for sure that you really don't want to do this?

what does morbid obsession mean in

My Catholic upbringing sent me to my knees—every 15 minutes, 60 times a day—praying that I wouldn't "hurt or kill anyone, please. Sufferers can be exposed to violent thoughts in a number of ways. We begin with only those items lowest on the fear scale, and gradually work our way up, going at the patient's own pace.

He was simply unable to screen out thoughts of doing so.


A few of the most serious cases may even need to work within a hospital setting if they are unable to follow treatment on their own although this is much less common and rarely necessary.

I then asked him, "Have you ever stayed with the thoughts and remained in a fearful situation long enough to see what really happens?

what does morbid obsession mean in

The actual exposure itself is very straightforward. These would include intrusive unpleasant thoughts, unceasing doubt, guilt fears of being insane, and crushing anxiety.

Anything short of this will not be powerful enough to get the job done. Penzel has written , "if [the patient] happens to be homosexual, they may obsess about the possibility that they might really be straight. I have to admit, though, that I really learned something.