What does deuce mean in badminton

Basic Badminton Terms and Their Meaning to Enjoy the Game Better

Retrieved February 26th, 2019, from https: This shot is also used when the player is retrieving a drop shot. Your email address will not be published. Feathers, usually belonging to a duck or goose, are embedded in the cork. The base consists of the cork, which is covered with a layer of leather.

what does deuce mean in badminton

Share This. This means, for serves, the court length for singles is longer than that of doubles by 0.

what does deuce mean in badminton

Noun plural deuces card games A card with two spots, one of four in a standard deck of playing cards. Ace is when it hits the floor before anyone touches it. Bizarrely, most people say that your partner is in the right service court.

Love, deuce and all that jazz

Remember that you and your partner must always have different service courts. Cheerleading Cheers for Kids.

what does deuce mean in badminton

At the centermost point of this horizontal line, a vertical line starts, which ends at the back of the court. Where did Soccer Originate? This is the area of the court where the drop shots usually land. Basic Rules for Playing Tennis.

The scoring system in badminton

The receiver always stands in the service box diagonally opposite from the server. You can never have one of each one odd, one even. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

what does deuce mean in badminton

During service, opponents stand in diagonally opposite service courts. Smashes are aimed at the extremities of this part of the court. In other words, both players will be in the even service courts, or both will be in the odd service courts.