What does akira mean in japanese

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what does akira mean in japanese

Campsite rule 23. The Enamdict electronic dictionary of Japanese names contains more than 138,500 surnames. Astronomy 33. She has a heart of a poetic to which it is never heard. Fastfood 27. Some name kanji are ateji chosen to match the syllables of the child's name. Or try a Buddhist temple--even if it is a Thai or Tibetan temple, people there might be able to direct you to a Japanese-oriented temple.

For example, a combination of tomo and these endings, as in Tomoe , Tomoyo , Tomomi or Tomoko , produces a typical Japanese female name. Animals 6.

what does akira mean in japanese

Akira Tsukino. Famous corp.

what does akira mean in japanese

But usually it is not translated. When combined together, it means a person employed by a private company. That's why exchanging name cards is very important in Japan.

Akira Name Meaning & Origin

Same thing. Bathroom 4.

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The subject 'I' is omitted. If you don't already have a kanji for your name, pick one you like.