What do high performance headers do

How Headers Work

Bolt on a set of headers that are just too big and your torque peak will move so far up the rpm range, you'll never see it again--and you'll wonder why your new headers screwed up your motor. Stainless Works. An exhaust header is a bolt on accessory which is used to get rid of the back pressure caused by the manifold. According to the many header company tech folks we talked to, one of the most common mistakes rodders make when buying headers is getting pipes that are too large in diameter.

Conversely, if you are building a street engine that will be used to drive back and forth to school or work, this engine will spend a majority of its time between idle and 3,000 rpm. During the exhaust stroke , a good way for an engine to lose power is through back pressure.

what do high performance headers do

Tri-Y Headers. Related Articles. Would you expect that each would generate the same horsepower differential?

what do high performance headers do

For a real-world evaluation, we simulated a 3,500-pound Chevelle with a 3. Remember those gases moving through the pipe away from the heads? The length of the collector affects the torque curve in the same way as primary length--a longer collector improves low-rpm torque.

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what do high performance headers do

However, its weak spot is the exhaust side of the engine. Our second test involved corking an otherwise 430hp engine with a set of cast-iron exhaust manifolds. Federal Emissions EPA.

what do high performance headers do

Customer service representatives can usually provide some help, but only if you can provide them with accurate information. Keeping heat inside the pipes improves performance by increasing the exhaust gas velocity and by keeping intake air cooler. Instead of a common manifold that all of the cylinders share, each cylinder gets its own exhaust pipe.

How do exhaust headers work to improve engine performance?

As power increases with the use of nitrous or supercharging, headers and exhaust systems become more critical to making maximum power.

Collector size is as important as primary size, and just like with primaries, exhaust moves faster through smaller-diameter collectors. We also loaded both curves into the Racing Systems Analysis dragstrip simulator to see what this power was worth. This enhanced exhaust flow typically results in a broader torque curve than 4-1 headers.

what do high performance headers do

The small-block Chevy is a very efficient motor right out of the box. The metallic coatings offered by these various companies are based on essentially the same formula, so any reputable company would be a good choice. How to Set and Check Bearing Clearance.

For example, if we want to build a drag-race engine, the engine will operate at fairly high engine speeds and probably will not be required to operate at speeds below 3,000 rpm.