What are bearings on a longboard

what are bearings on a longboard

Because of this, usually, bearings are sold in sets of 8. The bearings covered in this article are guaranteed to make for a special longboarding experience no matter what the riding style. The built-in spacer works like a charm. All the up and down, left to right, twists and turns would drive you crazy. They are responsible for the rolling ability of bearings.

The tradeoff then is up to you.

what are bearings on a longboard

Some bearings bear the same price tag without the spacers. What makes the Swiss Ceramics Bearings great is the attention to detail Bones brings to one of their top products.

what are bearings on a longboard

What are the best longboard bearings? Compared to standard longboard bearings, they are a bit more expensive, but usually worth those extra coins.

Best Bearings for Longboards

Higher the price, better the quality, right? Unlike some of the best longboard wheels , every longboard bearing is a standard size and can fit inside of any wheel. Much appreciated.

what are bearings on a longboard

The higher quality version of the Red Bones Bearings, the Bones Ceramic Red Bearings will cost a little more but the results make up for it.

Mihael Zadravec Jul 11, 2016 at 19: Professional Longboarders ride these.

Regular longboard bearings vs bearings with built-in spacers

The secret in their quality is in the lubricant they fill it. Keep your bearings dirt free, moisture free and lubricated. This also makes it nearly corrosion resistant. Bones Bearings is, by far, one of the very best manufacturers whose products are being widely used by both amateur and professional longboarders.