Turn down the what boat fail

It took a creative vision to put these two unrelated samples of media together, and some level of skill to adjust the speed of the video to perfectly match the song build-up.

turn down the what boat fail

It seems only fair that would be split 3 ways, with the creator of the mash-up getting an equal cut, at least when it comes to sampling music, the creator of the new song gets the lion's share of the profits, and only a small cut goes to the originator of the sampled music.

So please share this copy to support the original uploader.

I'm happy I was able to make him a little more cash, but it would be nice if a little came my way for making something with his song that garnered all those views. Please enable JavaScript to experience Vimeo in all of its glory.

turn down the what boat fail

But because I used copyrighted material, that's just how it works, and I have no rights. On a side note, I think it's high time we have a discussion about what constitutes "art" in the digital age, who should be rewarded for it, and what rights they have to it.

turn down the what boat fail

Along with the video going black on YouTube, so did the thousands of comments it had racked up. More stuff.

More stuff

Lil Jon even tweeted his support of it. There are copies that were ripped and reposted by others that aren't blocked, which are now racking up views, so I've re-uploaded it here on my personal channel in hopes it will one again become the "original" version and it won't be block it again. Shouldn't it be treated that way?

turn down the what boat fail

Menu Search. I didn't make a penny off this video, even after 11m views on my YouTube video, and several million more on other people's ripped copies.

turn down the what boat fail

I'm not mad other than the video getting blocked after 4 years ; But I do think we need to rethink art and copyright rights in the age of digital media and mash-ups. But Lil Jon's record label decided they didn't want my mash-up to play with their song anymore, so they killed it.

Wouldn't it be fair to consider this a new piece of "art" and split the profits appropriately? I was fine just having this "claim to fame" but I do think it's unfair that creators who use any copyrighted work have no rights. Because it's not treated anything like that.