The returns who kill victor

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the returns who kill victor

Do they peel off to reveal the dead zombies underneath? It's not that he caused the bus crash on purpose. The Returned series 2 gets launch date in US.

the returns who kill victor

What happened to Serge in the lake? But who was he?

Who Is Victor On 'The Returned'? This Mysterious Kid Caused The Bus Crash That Killed Camille

The dopey lad has the personality of a wet fish. Is this also due to her connection with Camille? Is this a specific power of Serge's?

the returns who kill victor

Again, we probably won't get a full explanation. Why's it been gone so long?

The Returned episode 4 review: Victor

And why is Lena the only living person to have a scar? For some reason, Victor — whose real name was Louis — possesses the power to cause other people to see visions, including the way other people have died.

What's causing the dead to come back? Ghost Shagger , groom-to-be Simon killed himself, and evidently, so did Mme Payet, or at least that's what the coroner says.

'The Returned': All the unanswered burning questions in one place

They feel each other having sex. Was that why he was afraid to close his eyes? Two questions dominated episode four though, the first: Presuming the one final person they wanted was Adele's baby, why did the returned not want Serge back? The national news may be interested in an impending zombie apocalypse.

the returns who kill victor

And perhaps most importantly, is he dangerous? Let us know below. What did Simon really do on his wedding day? In an attempt to avoid hitting him, the driver swerved off the side of a cliff, causing all passengers to die.