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The isochronous map of the Messinian succession of the Stilo Basin Fig. Finally, in the Crotone Basin the succession is covered by conglomerates and sands interpreted as shallow-water facies. Most hypotheses about the initiation of the Messinian salinity crisis agree that it resulted from a complex combination of tectonic and glacio-eustatic processes which progressively restricted and finally isolated the Mediterranean Sea from the open ocean Clauzon et al.

Thick-line segments of the seismic tracks are shown in Figures 7 — 9 and 11.

Old Calabria by Norman Douglas

Approximate location of the magmatic arc from 5. Vitravo, Crotone and Marcedusa wells; Fig. In particular, continental rifts form with a variety of geometries, faulting patterns, and subsidence histories.

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The Lower Messinian unit, only present in the eastern sector of the basin, is characterized by fault-bounded wedges. Moretti A.

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In order to accomplish these goals we made a stratigraphic interpretation of seismic and borehole data; we also built a regional correlation between Messinian sub-basins located offshore and onshore Calabria and proposed a multi-stage kinematic model of rifting.

Younger folds affect the lower part of the Plio-Quaternary succession Fig. The Messinian is one of the most peculiar geologic periods in the Mediterranean area because the Messinian Salinity crisis MSC is widely regarded as one of the most dramatic episodes of oceanic change over the past 20 or so million years.

A 300, 382—402, https: This succession is present in the northern area of the Crotone Basin and probably reflects a continuity in the sedimentation with the deep basin forming since Serravallian times Milia and Torrente, 2014.

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Seismic interpretation was made using seismic stratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy methods: Finally, the lack of a clear coarse-grained succession at the top, suggests a relatively open sea and underfilled sedimentary basin during the late Messinian stage. The identification of several stratigraphic markers permitted us: The analyzed boreholes and seismic grid are also displayed.

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The current usage metrics is available 48-96 hours after online publication and is updated daily on week days. Modified from Amodio Morelli et al. Get started. Rossi and Sartori, 1981 ; Tansi et al.

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Resedimented blocks of gypsum are present in this succession. This Messinian clastic facies reposes on the Calabride substrate and terminates upward with the halite deposit in the Catanzaro well. Insight from geodynamic models and application to the Calabria subduction zone, Geochem.

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