Skyrim freezes when talking to delphine

skyrim freezes when talking to delphine

To fix this, leave the party and come back. Even transfered my save to a usb and tried on his console still freezes. Is this a known thing? Store Page. If you give Malborn the clothes you are currently wearing leaving you naked , even after you put on the party clothes Delphine may fail to realize that you have them on and will continue to tell you that you cannot go to the party "looking like that".

skyrim freezes when talking to delphine

Originally posted by Mr. If setstage mq106 160 won't work, you can use the console command completequest mq106, followed by setstage mq201 30. Setting stage to 155 didn't seem to update any quest thing, but Delphine is willing to talk.

skyrim freezes when talking to delphine

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Reloading doesn't work, leaving the area and coming back either. This is what i have done. DeliMeat567 DeliMeat567 7 years ago 5 No point in posting spoilers... Not using mods.

Skyrim Freezing

Curiously, I found that the vast majority of these bugged reports are dated after November 2012. Boards The Elder Scrolls V: God mode for instance, is cheating.

skyrim freezes when talking to delphine

Nol dov do: Sign up using Email and Password. If so, shouldn't it be in the article somewhere? If you have mods that are dependent on reaching a certain point in the MQ then I would really suggest you start a new playthrough, because you may find other things go wrong with the mod if it's dependent on a broken MQ. Then when she finishes her dialogue the game freezes.

This is late but I had a part of the game that kept freezing up. Did this solve your problem? I've tried shout throwing them across the first bridge, but nothing works. Thx for the info.

Quest Freezes after talking to delphine

Change language. Anyone who might know a fix to this would be greatly appreciated. When I absorbed his soul, he didn't turn into a skeleton, and had no hitbox.