Raw organic sauerkraut whole foods

Even amongst the plain options just cabbage and salt , textures and levels of fermentation vary, so the end result is different.

Jacob’s Raw: Palm, PA – 29.5 miles

Sonoma Brinery Raw Sauerkraut Traditional. Kate Williams Cultured is the smallest company selling raw sauerkraut in the Bay. I was surprised to find that every sauerkraut I tried was distinctive.

Kate Williams Pickled Planet is an Ashland, Oregon-based company, and their labeling fits its origins; you can tell the ferments are made by alternative health nuts. The thin shreds are extra-crisp, and have a mild fermented funk.

raw organic sauerkraut whole foods

These are time-honored krauts, well-loved by the Gryzbek family. Support KQED.

It works perfectly with fresh ginger and black pepper to unlock its full potential! The thin shreds of cabbage have a crisp-tender texture and a balanced sour tang. I would recommend Bubbies, like Farmhouse, for any sauerkraut newbies. In the end, I would reach for Farmhouse Culture and Sonoma Brinery before any of these other brands, but they would likely all work in a pinch. This is a perfect range of raw, untouched phytonutrients.

raw organic sauerkraut whole foods

The rainbow kraut does not contain vinegar, here are the ingredients: One even threw in apple slices for a touch of sweetness. Store-bought Raw Sauerkrauts are Surprisingly Distinctive.

Taste Test: Store-bought Raw Sauerkrauts are Surprisingly Distinctive

It is, however, making the most creative ferments around. The lactic acid fermentation keeps nutrients intact and has been shown to increase the amount of Vitamin C and digestive enzymes present. Its kraut has a much stronger flavor than its smell.

raw organic sauerkraut whole foods

This Santa Cruz-based sauerkraut is an exemplary example of a mild, everyday ferment. I thought it verged on over-fermented, and its garlic flavor is just as intense. I wanted to become more knowledgeable in organic grown foods and I got into fermenting from that.

Six varieties of raw sauerkraut are widely available in the Bay Area. Palm, PA — 29.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Like Sonoma Brinery, Bubbies has a minimal ingredient list.