Put your apps anywhere iphone

Once you have the icons on your home screen, strategically place them wherever you need to create the effect you're going for.

put your apps anywhere iphone

Related Readings for Reference. Accessed 27 February 2019. You can move the folders directly on the device or adjust the location of the folders in iTunes on your computer and sync the location preferences with the iPhone.

put your apps anywhere iphone

Price Free. Cloze Relationship Management. You can sort your collection of apps in any order you'd like, but where you place those apps is a totally different story. App Store Preview. Instagram Photo Downloader. She has worked as an educator in Japan, and she runs a private voice studio out of her home. Highly recommend! Don't Miss: Technically, you could make these icons yourself using bookmarks with Apple Configurator 2 on a Mac.

put your apps anywhere iphone

YouTube Video Downloader. Popular Stories.

Place App Icon Anywhere on iPhone Screen without Jailbreaking

Description Get all the benefits of SurveyMonkey no matter where you are—no internet required. Since the icons might be out of order, and difficult to place at first glance, it might take some trial and error before you match them perfectly. Hover over the space between two existing apps or folders to cause a space to appear between them.

That means that, without going so far as jailbreaking, people have to get very creative if they want to be able to make their iPhone look a little unique.

For the love of God can I put app icons anywhere I want!?!?

As long as you use an iPhone 5 or higher, these steps will work for you. GIF Maker Downloader. The page will reload, now with your piece outlined in red.

put your apps anywhere iphone

SurveyMonkey Rewards. Move the folder to a new page by dragging the folder near the left or right side of the screen until the next screen appears. After logging in, the list of surveys do not appear.

put your apps anywhere iphone

And with the app, any mobile device becomes a survey station. Facebook Video Downloader. Click the "Apply" button to save the changes.