Prawn district 9 costume how to make

Start off with either an old glove or sew one up out of an old shirt.

prawn district 9 costume how to make

Intermediate Leatherworking Class. Paint on multiple coats of plasti-dip until the glove is coated sufficiently.

District 9 Themed Costume

And you make it seem like you just slapped it together as if its no big deal. I figured this one would best suit me, and it was a huge success at the party I went to! As shown in the photos. Jumper435 3 years ago on Introduction.

Halloween costume- Prawn from District 9

These instructables gave me inspiration also listed below are the photos I found that helped me design my weapon, ID and hand.

Add the elwire; some parts might need to be glued down, use contact cement. After you have settled on your design, mock it up with card board to get a good template and proper sizing.

I am impressed.

prawn district 9 costume how to make

Check out my Elysium costume! More by the author: Most of the materials were either salvaged or scraps from old projects. Glue your rifle together, allowing an over night dry. Mini bottle, foam core board and aluminum parts.

Prawn John Cena - District 9

Ask in the comments if you need any help! Use a good primer and apply a few coats to the rifle. Did you make this project?

prawn district 9 costume how to make

Complete the costume with a dirty and torn button up shirt, black slacks, dress shoes, messy hair, 5 o'clock shadow and blue blood of which i could not find in time hope you enjoy! I enjoy building things and being creative. Paint the rifle with a while gloss spray paint use black, grey and orange acrylic paints to add detail and effects apply a few clear coats to protect the detail paint.

By desertsniper Follow. Credit where credit is due!

prawn district 9 costume how to make

Reply 3 years ago on Introduction. Prawn hand materials Thick foam scavenged from shipping material in my Xbox shipping box Black, grey and red acrylic paints Plasti-dip black white cotton cloth contact cement whacky tack glue Para-cord clear coat spray needle and thread or an old glove house hold silicon filler tools hot knife xacto knife scissors Alien rifle materials 3"x1' abs pipe 3"x3' poplar wood misc.