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His tests are multiple choices, but almost all options seem to be the same. It is difficult to understand what he is saying sometimes maybe due to his accent and teaching style. You need to read the textbook before class and you need to go to class or have someone sign your initials. But has no idea what teaching is. Alumni Association. I have consistenly done well in my exams.

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He may have the knowledge but does not know how to teach and he has a heavy accent. Yes Attendance: Peter Chow Professor. I got an A becuase I was the only student in the entire class that he liked. Rude at times when asked questions.

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The Oxford publication enabled him and his co-author to receive the R. He gives 2 exams and a final He curves on his exams. University of Maryland School of Law. My grade was much better than average but he failed me for no reason whatsoever.

His recent research focused on the economic transformation and integration in the Pacific Basin countries, technological transfers and modernization in the late industrialized countries. I've never hated a professor as much as this one.

Giving News. He knows his stuff and teaches it thoroughly. If you keep up with the class from the start you will pass. He has an accent, but I understood him well.

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He doesn't know how to teach properly and is further limited by his very heavy accent. Worst professor ever. However his grading policy is is just 2 exams and final so there is no burden of papers or group assignments with due dates. Hates questions.