Omar and the howlers live nation

omar and the howlers live nation

I just write and record what I really like and hope fans will like it too. A little bit of everything. What prompted the return to the Provogue label for this one? There are still more I want to do someday. Topics Howlin' Wolf. What wah pedal is used on "Ooh Baby Hold Me," and who's playing guitar on the track? Did you ever get to play with him?

Omar And The Howlers

Mel Brown was there, and Denny Freeman. I was a little skeptical about doing the most famous songs because so many other artists have already done them.

I could do so many tributes mixed in with my Howlers releases because they're so fun to do. The pedal is the Morley Bad Horsie. I'm grateful to Provogue for the opportunity to record this material after all this time. I will definitely do a tribute to Bo Diddley at some point. Who are your other big heroes? I basically started with a list of all the tracks I love, which gave me about 30 songs.

omar and the howlers live nation

Hubert was also there and they asked me to come up and play with them on a few songs. I bought the 45 when I was about 13.

Hundreds gather at Antone's to honor iconic blues artist Omar Dykes

They gave me a very generous recording budget for the studio so I could do the project justice. At one point, I thought I should divide the songs into two releases because there were so many songs I wanted to record.

Dykes and his band, the Howlers, have been performing many of these songs for decades, so Dykes' own groove, vibe and spin shine through loud and clear. The album also features an original track, "Runnin' with the Wolf," which you can check out below. You dedicated one track to the late Hubert Sumlin. For more about Dykes, check out his official website. You can listen to the entire album here. There have been so many musical influences in my life that it makes sense to include many genres of music on these later releases in my career.

Omar & the Howlers live at the Saxon Pub (1996)