Ice bath feet how long

ice bath feet how long

Amaiyah Ward. It sounds like it probably did contribute to your rapid recovery. When you have a swollen foot, you should stay off of it as much as possible until the pain and swelling subside. I like the idea of jumping in the tub and filling the water up around you - maybe I could tug my boys up above the water line. Do not apply the ice for longer than 20 minutes at a time. The ice will cause the water level to rise when you add it, so you do not want to fill the tub all the way up.

Ice Therapy for the Foot

Soak parts of your body in warmer temperatures before decreasing the temperature or submerging your entire body. Unless supervised or you have history with ice baths, do not exceed 10 minutes. Q 1 - How soon does the ice bath need to be from run to get best effect? Keep it propped higher than the rest of your leg on a pillow or chair.

ice bath feet how long

This therapy is most effective when paired with rest, compression and elevation. I have heard it is good to give your muscles time before you do the "hot" unless you are going to go back and forth between the hot and the cold. At the recommended temperature range noted previously, 6 to 8 minutes should be sufficient. I usually only stay in for 10 minutes. Q 2 - How long does the ice bath need to be and should you take mulitple reps in the ice bath?

8 Ice Bath Dos and Don'ts

I reccommend 10-15 minutes in there. Cancel Yes.

ice bath feet how long

Im curious to know how your recovery has been since the ice bath. Reading a book or calling a friend can help distract you from the cold. I've done the trick of running the garden hose on my legs after a long run - I think I get a little of the benefit from that.

Ice baths will not help you build muscle or improve your strength. Do what feels comfortable to you.