Howard deutsch and zoey deutch twitter

The sisters co-star in the movie, which was written and scored by Madelyn, co-produced by Zoey and Howard, and directed by Lea. When that engagement ended, she began dating Howard, 11 years her senior, whom she found to be an "exotic," "complicated" man.

Lea Thompson and Howard Deutch Are Still 'Some Kind of Wonderful'

It's kind of sickening sometimes at the dinner table because all we talk about is work, but I have a wonderful, collaborative relationship with both of my daughters. Just as she did from her parents and how they valued creativity and her gift. Related Stories.

howard deutsch and zoey deutch twitter

Lea Thompson and Howard Deutch met while filming Some Kind of Wonderful —he the director, she the lead actress—and 30 years later, their marriage is just that: At the time, Lea, already a movie star after Back to the Future , was actually engaged to Dennis Quaid, whom she met on the set of her first movie, Jaws 3-D.

Type keyword s to search. Getty Images. Still, nothing happened on set, and the two didn't even start seeing each other right away. Lea and Howard welcomed their daughter Madelyn in 1991, followed by Zoey in 1994. Cyber , and Empire. Madelyn and Zoey are both actresses and even collaborated with their parents on the 2017 independent film The Year of Spectacular Men.

More From Best Love Stories. One particularly ironic piece of advice she told Entertainment Weekly she's given her girls? Although the 1987 film written by John Hughes wasn't an immediate success like Pretty In Pink another Deutch-Hughes collaboration , it's since become a cult favorite. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Here's the 411 on 'American Idol' Season 17. Today's Top Stories.

Clearly, it's a family affair. Of her daughters following in her footsteps, Lea told Parade, "I think that in a lot of ways we just feel as if they're going into the family business, and that is lovely.

howard deutsch and zoey deutch twitter

But there's also something grounded and relatable about her on screen. By summer 1989, the couple was married. A Timeline of Glenn Close's Relationships.

howard deutsch and zoey deutch twitter