How to solo bucket list achievement guide

how to solo bucket list achievement guide

I called out whenever he got credit for an area and he moved on. I clicked on "track" achievement, I wasn't sure why the objective showing were in red, I assumed that being an account-wide achievement maybe they've changed so I wont be able to get the achievement on any character on this account, I taught, -" Since I have nothing to lose...

Took him to Beth's lair 1st, got to her lair and he despawned and returned to his normal patrol. I just completed Bucket List on a Demon Hunter, level 100, ilevel 691.

Bucket List

Tried it on 25H and 10H and 10Reg.. I casted Rejuventation and decided to go back into Bear Form to weather to debuff better. Comment by Mydge I killed Rageface, then Riplimb, then wandered around Firelands taking in the scenery with my date Shannox. Start at the Path of Corruption Coords: Blizzard Entertainment uses cookies and similar technologies on its websites. A good time to use this is when he says"fetch-you-dinner" so save it till then.

Pull and kill his two pet dogs ASAP and dodge the boss his traps. Comment by Resuscitated Hello, I've tried this achievement a few times, on different characters, I died at first, then I've switched to a tank, unfortunately that one had low gear, then I've tried it again with the hunter this time, and worked out ok.

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Then Shannox dropped. For the record, my achievement tracker did update. Simply walk to the specific area required for the achievement, with your water elemental and the boss following you. It's then a matter of knowing where to go that's the biggest concern i.

how to solo bucket list achievement guide

I did the following: This website uses cookies. Your Secure in the Light hit Shannox 7,067,858 Holy.

how to solo bucket list achievement guide

I cleaned out all the trash, did the other bosses, and saved Shannox for last. If you don't use Glyph of Water Elemental or if your water elemental don't feel like following you, put it on passive.

Did it on Heroic 10man initial pull at the raid entrance, then up the the Bethilac cliff, portal and around to Alysrazor and Ryo. I made a macro that makes way points that you can follow.

Good luck all! I do agree with you WaywardSpleen, the term has been around for a lot longer than the movie. Stay away until you're ready. Much easier if you have a health pot with you, the ones from first aid work fine.

how to solo bucket list achievement guide

We kited Shannox according to FuxieDK's map yet didn't get the achiev. Then he mounted up and led Shannox around, starting at The Ridge of Ancient Flame and going counter clockwise around Firelands ending up at Flamebreach.