How to run the 800m techniques

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How to run the 800m

Because the waterfall start line is also the break line and you are allowed to cut in once the race starts. Using this strategy, you can avoid going out too hard and exhausting yourself early on, but you may not be able to make up the lost time on the second lap. If you are a strong endurance runner, here is where you need to use that strength and pass people if they are in front of you.

During the second lap "there are too many surprises and unknown factors....

how to run the 800m techniques

If so, you don't want to burn yourself out early trying to stay with her, but you don't want to drop too far behind and let her steal the race either. The final 200 meters is torturous, leg muscles on fire and breath coming in gasps.

Strategies for Running the 800m

The end result Assuming you have a well-executed training plan, you should finish with your second lap being 2-3 seconds slower than your first lap.

Understand the mechanics of your run. This is also known as speed-stamina. Don't wait to kick The video below breaks down each part as well.

how to run the 800m techniques

The 800 is the shortest outdoor event not run entirely in lanes, so you must be careful to avoid being "boxed in" -- pinned to the inside of the first lane and unable to pass anyone. Negative splits are well-suited to novice runners who may have difficulty pacing themselves properly.

how to run the 800m techniques

The start of the 800m can either make or break your race strategy, and this could be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful result in your 800m. Updated March 18, 2017. JP Jacob Panashe Jun 23, 2017. This article was very helpful.

Tips for Running the 800M for Women

It requires a unique blend of pure speed and endurance. The 800-meter run is a controlled sprint. Focus on what attributes best match the 800m.

3 Best Tips for Running 800-Meter Dash - Sprinting

But if you gain a significant lead in the first half, it may be impossible for your competitors to catch you even as you lose speed. Not Helpful 17 Helpful 71.

Olympian Johnny Gray's 800-meter Coaching and Running Tips

Don't tighten up though. Run your 800m. Positive splits and even splits are better suited to experienced runners.