How to please budh graha

Jaiminiya Mahabharata Book Part 1. In this situation, people face hardships for spouse and children, and get deprived of wisdom and wealth.

how to please budh graha

A stronger Budha Mahadasha enhances constructive intelligence, communication skills, rational decision-making, dexterous deals, mental and verbal ability and a good communicator. Contact Us. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience. People afflicted with the ill-effects of Mercury will suffer from highs and lows in relationships until they eventually learn the lessons about right communication, thoughts and actions.

Budha gives us information based intelligence.

Planet Buddh Dosha Remedies and Nivaran

Goraksh Sahastranaam Book. Mercury rules over the voice of a person and represents our mentality, understanding, mental outlook and the manner in which we think and communicate.

how to please budh graha

The ruling God of planet Budha is Lord Vishnu. Here , we would describe all the possible remedies for Mercury. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and as a fast moving planet represents concepts, information and the methods to achieve them.

Worshipping Him helps remove its malefic effects.

how to please budh graha

Gemstone for this Planet - Emerald. Vaijayanti Mala. Lord Vishnu is the ruler of Planet Budha and the supreme of all Gods. Birth chart houses Know about the 12 houses of birth chart. Read more..

There are several remedies for reducing or eliminating the malefic of planet Budha. An exalted Budha Mahadasha improves communication skills, balanced decision-making, dexterous deals, constructive intelligence and mental and verbal ability.

how to please budh graha

I bow down to Buddha who is dark and black like a black tulip, matchless in form of appearance and extraordinarily intelligent and wise being the son of Soma and endowed with pleasing and auspicious qualities.

Another version as per Vedic scripture suggests that Budha was raised by Brihaspati as his son. Mercury is subject to 3 Dosha: