How to paint a fall leaf

Start with the design. Cheers Janet Chen. Make coasters, paint table runners, add them to fun signs, you name it! I hope this helps. Share Tweet Pin 1206 shares.

how to paint a fall leaf

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. End at the tip and make sure they meet, sometimes I end up with two tips and have to go over them. Start from the base of the leaf and using mostly the chisel edge of the brush and wide sweeping strokes.

These leaves are easy to do and oh so fun. I like the leaves on the dark board. Thank you. I double load my brush with Georgia Clay and Spicy Mustard. Fill out this form to gain access!

Beginner’s Tips for Painting Autumn Leaves

There is a video at the end of this post so be sure and watch it for a look at how I painted a few leaves on both a white and a stained wood surface. The supply list is in the post with all the names and brands of paint. In the video I am using the correct size brush for this size leaf. Come back to the center and wiggle on to the next leaf segment.

how to paint a fall leaf

The leaf pattern is available in the Subscribers Resource Page. Reload the brush.

how to paint a fall leaf

In this photo demo I am actually using too small of a brush but in the video you will see how I am covering the center much better. Do you think I can use Acrylic paints instead of decor?

Paint Fall Leaves

Find the supply list box. I actually do that in the video And here you have your leaf. At the base of your leaf start the other side, working and wiggling your brush along the segments as you did the previous side. Your email address will not be published.