How to mic a jazz drum kit

Two Quick Tips on Recording a Jazz Drum Kit

While a few omnis are great for micing an isolated drum kit in the studio, I would be apprehensive about using them on a live stage. What would you recommend as a good pair of jazz drumsticks and do you think that sticks affect the recording of the drum kit? The further you move away from the drums, the more room sound will enter your recording, so try to find the sweet spot that gives you a nice balance of all these components.

Miking up a Drum Kit - Part 1. Dave Yorkville dealer "The wrong piece of gear, at the right price, is still the wrong piece of gear. Audio-Technica More Posts.

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It's easy to do with most any editor. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. When I work in small clubs with a vocalist and a small ensemble, I try not to amplify the insturments much at all, so I will not mic drums unless it is requested.

For large shows, particularly if style is "electric" or "fusion" jazz, it is pretty much like a rock gig, and all the drums get mics, and gates on the inserts.

how to mic a jazz drum kit

Replace any worn out drum heads and spend some time to tune the drums before you begin. The height of your X-Y configured mics will vary slightly from kit to kit and room to room. Use only three microphones to cover the whole kit. Lastly spend some time to listen to the room you are in. Watch our full video on recording jazz drums, and stay tuned for more: Is it one of those tiny jazz kits where they turn a floor tom on it's side and turn it into a kick? Distant Miking Distant Miking, as the name suggests, is the technique of placing microphones far from the source, to capture a natural and ambient recording of the drum kit as a whole.

I will use a pair of condensers for overheads, and a bass drum mic.

how to mic a jazz drum kit

The password is incorrect, please try again. Once you have a well tuned, good sounding kit in the best spot in the room, you can begin to think about how exactly you want to capture your drum sounds.

how to mic a jazz drum kit

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