How to have hair like peyton list

Keywords peyton list beauty routine. So we talked and he asked, 'I don't know, can you play mean?

how to have hair like peyton list

Sometimes I'll hop in the shower and just use my conditioner. Read on for the story behind Peyton's look of the night — plus her beauty secrets, daily essentials, and totally random lipstick anecdotes.

Peyton List on Her Beauty Routine and Young Hollywood Party Look

Don't get us wrong, the Jenner and by proxy Kardashian clan are hardworking and talented, but in a world full of their over-curated feeds and calculated and attention-grabbing career moves, it's refreshing to hear Peyton doesn't want to overthink it.

I came out of school and I looked so red and she was like, 'Why are your cheeks so red?

how to have hair like peyton list

We're Hiring! She has been lovely to me whenever I see her," she continues, as we ask about Jenner's social media and ever-evolving beauty. It's so feminine and it has a raspberry-vanilla-rose kind of scent that I really adore.

It's in this moment that List is beginning to slowly shed her Disney Princess veneer and emerge into her more adult and sophisticated career.

Peyton List Gave Us Every Single Detail of Her Beauty Routine

You always have such amazing beach waves in every picture you post. It just makes me feel complete," she says. Who doesn't want to wake up and not have to do anything? I also like going to the beauty places where all the makeup artists go.

Exclusive: Getting Ready With Peyton List

Skin Care: I love it. It helped me get into character," List continued.

PEYTON LIST 🌟 10 Things You Didn`t Know About the DISNEY´s JESSIE & BUNK´D Star! 💄

To get prepared for the role, List says she channeled the mean girls she's dealt with throughout her life. I could see doing it for a role, maybe…especially one as cool as that. I remember the day she found out because I applied wayyy too much blush onto my cheeks.

how to have hair like peyton list

I'm also pretty much always wearing fragrance. Yes, Please No Thanks.

how to have hair like peyton list

They also make great, creamy eyeshadows in stick form. While every one of Kylie Jenner's hair changes, perfectly contoured faces, and Snapchat smizes of the 18-year-old are not-so-quietly being obsessed over, there's another young woman — around the same age and who similarly grew up in front of the camera — that people are paying attention to for her quiet confidence and seemingly natural beauty: I love having just one scent, because I associate certain smells with memories.

how to have hair like peyton list

Her beauty look, again, played a big part. When I was eight, I had these blonde, Shirley Temple-like curls and people would always be like, 'Oh my gosh, you're so cute.