How to grout textured glass tiles

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How clean grout off of glass tile

Thanks for response. All best, Sara. Additional giveaways are planned. They are arranged on a 12" square sheet of mesh in a basket weave pattern and each of the pieces are butted up next to each other leaving no room for grout.

At the moment, our entire backsplash looks completely grubby.

Help! Will dried thinset come out of textured glass tile?

The installer said that everything would come off with a wet sponge, but we are not finding that to be the case. Related Stories.

how to grout textured glass tiles

Advertisements I was applying the grout on my backsplash and apparently I waited too long on cleaning up the excess grout. Like Save February 1, 2015.

how to grout textured glass tiles

Actually, the salesperson is correct. I get the message.

getting grout off glass tiles

My fear is that we will end up needing to rip the backsplash out and start from scratch. Check over at john bridge tile forum.

how to grout textured glass tiles

Cabinet over toilet; mirror ideas pretty please? Do you mean grout?

Expert Advice

Join as a Pro. Answer 6 years ago. It looks like a little no scratch scrubbie pad and some elbow grease will do the trick. There is still a lot to do in the bathroom, so that will probably be the last project.

It is going to take some work but I waited till it was dried and used an exacto knife to get the majority of it out then used q-tips and straight hydrogen peroxide to clean out the remaining residue.