How to file joint custody in california

Child Custody in California: Best Interests of the Child

If you cannot file the proof of service before the hearing, bring the original plus 2 copies to your hearing. Child Custody orders may be made at a hearing held shortly after the filing of the underlying court case and may be modified any time before the child ren turn eighteen.

how to file joint custody in california

The calendar is near the door outside the courtroom. For help go to the Court's Self-Help Center. They will feel more comfortable and secure and know that you both cared enough about them to make their life free of conflict. To download a form in PDF format , click on the form number in the appropriate table.

Best Interests of the Child.

how to file joint custody in california

Physical custody is defined by who the child lives with. It is very important that your server fills out the Proof of Service correctly.

Make sure you follow them. To insure that everyone is fully aware that you have taken custody, the papers must be legally served by someone unconnected to the case, who is 18 years or older, to every concerned party.

The judge makes the final decision but usually will approve the arrangement both parents agree upon.

Legal and Physical Custody in California

Child Support Case Registry Form. If you have any witnesses, make sure they come, too. You can file at any time during your case -- even after your divorce is final. If you have an open case and want to request a hearing for custody and visitation issues.

California Child Custody - Family Law Matters

If you come to an agreement or you negotiate a reasonable option through a mediator, but your ex refuses to follow it, you can turn your agreement into a court order.

Ask the clerk if you are not sure. Leave this form blank. There are several types of family law cases in which you can ask the Court for a custody order.

how to file joint custody in california

Asking for a Custody Order. There may be an investigation or interview before the official hearing. What can be done if the mother of the baby won't allow the father to see the baby?

The person who serves the other parent must also serve a blank copy of this form for the other parent to fill out: