How media influences drug use

More than half of young addicts studied aged eighteen or younger said they craved the social acceptance they perceived using drugs or substances with a family member or friend would bestow.

We often polarize on the illegal street drugs, but also these same things are true for other purely medical drugs.

how media influences drug use

In total, federal, state, and local jurisdictions spend about five hundred billion dollars per year managing and adjudicating drug and drug-related matters. It is true that there is a big effect of the media on the lives of people, and there is a big impact that it makes on people.

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They have their place, but also it is important to look at the problems that they cause. If the young teen has previously experienced trauma, he or she has an even higher probability of drug use or addiction.

how media influences drug use

People need to see that there is not a thing in the world that drugs do good. Kids need to hear this from everywhere in their lives, not just at home. According to studies performed by CASA Columbia University National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse about teenagers and drug misuse in the United States, almost ninety percent of those meeting the medical standards of addiction began using drugs before they turned eighteen.

When in fact they are just a trap that takes hold of a person and gets them under the grips. I remember when I was a kid, it was important to me the whole idea of being popular and fitting in.

Some Interesting Facts About the Media’s Impact on Drug Abuse

Then, of course, it is the responsibility of family and friends to encourage proper addiction therapies, such as inpatient treatment. Sometimes they do work, but also it is important to see that they do not always end well.

When used with cognitive behavioral therapy, the user learns to associate healthy habits with his or her life and future.

Inpatient treatments disengage the addict from his or her surroundings and temptations to use drugs or other addictive substances.

how media influences drug use

CASA says that twenty-five percent of young Americans who begin using drugs before they turn eighteen become addicted compared to only one in about twenty-five people who start using these substances at twenty-one or later. According to the CASA study, about sixty-eight billion dollars results from underage teen drinking, and fourteen billion is related to costs associated with substance abuse-related cases tried by the juvenile justice system. Almost half of the children eighteen or younger about thirty-four plus million have a parent or other older role model who smokes, drinks, misuses controlled medicines, or outright illegal drugs, according to CASA.

how media influences drug use

We really must somehow get the media to embrace the fact that we need to educate our youth that even though lots of people do drugs and drink alcohol, there are consequences to them personally and to those around them. I think that overall many people see the use of drugs analytically as being not a good idea, yet there is the common use you would not think it. Addiction issues tend to run in families; there may be a known genetic predisposition to alcoholism or drug use.

how media influences drug use