How many colors can cats be autistic

They are pack animals with deeply entrenched hierarchical rules of canine society and as a result are desperately eager to please, and occasionally challenge, the pack leader. They had never, ever, ever seen a cat. Dogs are inherently social.

Cats, Dogs, and Asperger’s Syndrome by Anonymous

Dogs will sense your unhappiness but may not fully understand it, so will entice you to capture some of their perpetual joy by grabbing their lead and making you take them for a walk to cheer you up.

Imagine for a moment a person who has grown up in a family where they only ever had pet dogs. Jump to navigation. Then one day they stumble upon an adorable looking creature that is cute, furry, has a black wet nose, four paws and whiskers and for all intents and purposes, looks exactly like the type of friendly, willing to please dog they had known and loved all their lives.

Though we have a dog and a cat!

how many colors can cats be autistic

Their friends and neighbours had pet dogs — all different breeds, colours and temperaments, but still, fundamentally, dogs. Their love needs to be earned. Cats swish their tails as a warning to back off and give them much needed space.

They rarely turn down an offer of affection and will warmly greet their family with furry hugs and sloppy kisses when they get home. Sometimes they just need to be left alone.

Cats will also offer heartfelt affection but it needs to on their terms, at a time that suits them.

how many colors can cats be autistic

They are not better or worse. Cats have extraordinary agility and mysterious extra-sensory skills, but will only display them when the circumstances dictate they are necessary.

Dogs always welcome affection in whatever way it is offered to them. Damian - Community Champion. They all went to the dog park together every afternoon and always had a raucously good time. A solitary cat, surviving in a room full of boisterous dogs. I posted this on the social networks the other day.

how many colors can cats be autistic

Its every move being analysed, interpreted and modified based on the framework of rules, behavioural patterns and ingrained habits of the canine species. Cats may not always look you in the eye, but they can see straight into your soul and will quietly commune with you while you process the problems of your world.

I like the analogy, but then I am a 'cat person' - me and Nye don't really 'do' dogs - lol!

how many colors can cats be autistic

Other autism issues. Last reply by amberlight , Wed 07 Sep 2011 8: Just different.

how many colors can cats be autistic

Cats depend on certain things being in place in a routine that they can depend on, and will then reward your reliability with their unwavering friendship.