How lube your car chassis

I lube all that stuff OK4450 mentioned myself occasionally, but not every time I change my oil.

how lube your car chassis

Get Unlimited Digital Access Your first month is less than a dollar. But if something specific is wrong, some parts can be lubricated to try to address the issue. Toss something thicker than your head, a block of wood or even a spare tire, under there too for insurance.

How to Stop Your Car From Squeaking

And the balljoint has a fitting that can be replaced with a zerk fitting to allow greasing. Trending Articles.

how lube your car chassis

Your vehicle may have as many as a dozen fittings on the front suspension. Remove excess grease. If your vehicle does not have these indications, consult your owner's manual for the proper jack point locations. Is repacking wheel bearings an expensive thing?

how lube your car chassis

Is this your first car? Squeeze harder on the trigger of the grease gun.

I suggest having a body shop check the frame damage... Clean up any overspray with a rag. So let's nip this degradation in the bud.

how lube your car chassis

Still dry? VDCdriver , at the dealers where I worked lubing door, hood, and trunk latches and so on was part of every maintenance service. Does it list any chassis lubrication? Display Name.

How to Lube Your Car's Steering and Suspension Parts

Most of the time when the term chassis lube is used on vehicles with no grease Zerks it may mean lubing hood and trunk latches, door latches and striker plates, and so on. Not sure what your car needs? Can't get any grease into the fitting? MikeInNH 2008-01-29 17: Then spray it with aerosol lithium grease.

Cars generally don’t need lube jobs anymore

With most vehicles being low to the ground and having large trays or belly pans under the front of the car, it is best to do one side at a time. There are lots of trucks that still have grease fittings on ball joints and tie rods, but we hardly ever see cars that take grease anymore. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Otherwise, silicone overspray will get everywhere, making a huge mess. Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2,000 U. A tierod end on my '99 minivan started groaning and injecting grease in with a needle with a zerk fitting solved the problem.