How do pen plotters work

how do pen plotters work

The Space Shuttle drawing is so common that I have to believe it must have been a sample image distributed with some software suite or plotter. My first job out of college in the 80's was developing software that drove a big ish HP plotter for drawing maps for a mapping company. And this was in 1985! I tried to make the code as easy as possible to modify from a visual point of view, one of the things I did was implement a very simple "symbol" feature, where you can define something else than a square to copy and rotate as the plotter progresses down the page.

how do pen plotters work

Another type of plotter is the cutting plotter, which replaces the pen with a sharp blade. When using a heavier pen like a Sharpie, you might want to set the plotter's speed a little lower to avoid knocking the pen loose when it accelerates.

I should, but I'm frankly too lazy to get it done! If you use an encoder to adjust your position, then you are a servo; you probably won't use a stepper motor because the main advantage to a stepper motor is that you don't need position feedback to estimate the position accurately, but a stepper motor with feedback is just as much a servomechanism as any other motor with negative feedback. References 3 HP Computer Museum: Until now, at least. If it'd been more reliable surprise: If not, the machine can't do closed loop control.

GuiA 12 months ago. Eventually I plan to experiment with 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC milling, and other ways of realizing my algorithms in the real-world. The output is gorgeous, and generating real honest-to-goodness engineering drawings on one is a special feeling.

This is starting to get a bit more interesting, but you may be wondering why not just reproduce this by hand in Illustrator.

There are Youtube videos of people in the vinyl cutting industry using Sharpie markers and cheap rolls of butcher paper to try out designs before committing themselves and slicing up lots of expensive vinyl. Interesting note on the AxiDraw, the way it holds the pen at an angle and drags it around means it can work with a fountain pen where you need the nib held with a softer angle relative to the paper both tines touching, ink flows out in between.

This is a pretty amazing post though.

how do pen plotters work

Essentially the workflow is the same as before: That's super cool. Kadin 12 months ago I have an inexpensive stepper-based cutter and it has really impressed me.

How Does a Plotter Printer Work?

Sometime about 1974 I think - probably the 7202A [1]. At work I once needed to write a program that as part of its workload would backup a lot of images to CD.

how do pen plotters work

Myself I would use this trick to prank friends.