Dr who police box replica

Capacity 800ml.

dr who police box replica

Who fan! Who collector. It was during a refurbishment for the Castrovalva cameo, that the wording on the telephone plaque was changed which would have a knock-on effect in the 21st century.

dr who police box replica

Untested and being sold as is. Aside from a couple of changes of the lamp including turning into an actual rotating Police car light in The Armageddon Factor this prop remained in use for four of Tom Baker's middle years.

dr who police box replica

Questions Welcome. Although with less detailing in the edge, this prop's sign-box returned the narrower frame, and the Mk 1 prop was fitted with replacement narrow-framed boxes too, making the two props look reasonably consistent. The original, battered Mk 1 box is used in the other seven stories including the final episode of the 'classic' series of Doctor Who ; Survival.

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This is a completely refurbished police call box. Have to use locksmith. Cool personalized Dr.

dr who police box replica

The St John Ambulance logo returned to the prop for the first time in 45 years and the window frames were once again white with the bottom corner panes made to mimick the hammered glass of the real boxes. These inaccuraces in the dimensions were actually a deliberate design choice, and Ed Thomas himself recited that old myth that 'Metropolitan Police Boxes came in various shapes and sizes.

dr who police box replica

Condition is Used. His interpretation was considerably wider and taller than any box that had gone before.

Police Boxes

Feb-25 10: The plaque on the telephone door panel was black lettering on a white actually metallic silver background, not seen since the first sixties prop, however it still used the ugly ampersands, and had the "s" missing from "officer", and it also had the incorrect "all calls" wording first seen in Castrovalva. Your Friends at, Sign Chicken-. During Time Flight , the sign boxes curiously begin to change, and over the doors an old Newbery-type sign is used, and on the left side of the TARDIS a new thick-frame version appears bottom.

The proper word "urgent" made its final appearance on the door-sign at the end of Trial of a Time Lord and throughout the Sylvester McCoy era the plaque carried the incorrect "all calls" phrase.

Dr Who Tardis Police Box Replica in house garden lifesize

For this reason the door sign wasn't permanently attached so that it could be swapped over for whichever face was being the front on that particular recording session.

Size is about 6" wide at the base. Providing new and unique gift solutions for any event.