Dr who 50th anniversary trailer breakdown

However, he is just a mere figment of your imagination and for all intents and purposes does not exist...

Part 1 looks at the Doctors and companions, while part 2 coming Monday will look at the monsters and the other references and interesting things.

For reference. And then a shot of both of them wearing clever glasses, while Smith wears his fez and they look delighted with their cool gear. Tom Baker has dropped his precious Jelly Babies.

50th Anniversary Trailer Breakdown: Doctors & Companions

The Harrisville Haunting. The only way to tell for sure will be to watch the actual trailer — whenever it is released.

dr who 50th anniversary trailer breakdown

And then something about being the man who lit the flames. First things first, allow us to say this is quite possibly the best Doctor Who trailer ever.

dr who 50th anniversary trailer breakdown

No wonder he is alarmed! Also notice his glasses.

The late, great Elisabeth Sladen. CVE vulnerabilities dating back to. K9 Affirmative Master. Plus, any opportunity to link to this again. News from PR Newswire.

dr who 50th anniversary trailer breakdown

Colonel Robocop is the new face of KFC… it hurt to write that. And we see Zygons, plural. A deliberate throwback to how he appeared in his earlier episodes perhaps? Welcome… Hey there, welcome to the website of Following The Nerd. But whether or not this description is legit remains to be seen.

50th Anniversary Trailer Breakdown: Monsters & Everything Else

Many lives. Known for his dry humour and brutal honesty, his video's make for great entertainment. Daleks blowing up, flames everywhere, everything going to Hell.

A silhouetted Patrick Troughton playing his trademark recorder. Well, this all sounds promising, and is choc full of those moments which just makes the show great!