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Series 2 (Doctor Who)

Wilfred, her grandfather, promised to keep thinking of the Doctor on her behalf, and to never mention the Doctor to her as that might trigger her memory of events and cause her mind to "burn up", killing her.

The Doctor yells that the Empress has doused Lance with Huon particles and the pull is dragging them back to 2008. Time Reaver.

donna noble dr who wiki series

Regular episodes 2012. Halfway down the aisle, she is surrounded by a mysterious golden glow. Series 3: In terms of production, the season marked the first production of a "Companion-lite" episode, Midnight as opposed to the usual "Doctor-lite" episodes, ie.

Two Doctors Become Three - Journey's End - Doctor Who

Christmas special 2012. Dalek Caan referred to Donna as "the most faithful companion".

donna noble dr who wiki series

The Doctor asks Lance to take Donna and him to H. Season 19: The Doctor and Donna went behind the stage to ask the Child, what he wanted. This took place in a parallel world. Music Murray Gold. The Runaway Bride.

Donna Noble

Unlike most companions of the Doctor, she was well prepared for the trip having packed several suitcases including a hat box in case they went to the " Planet of the Hats ".

Seasons 21-23: The Doctor surmises it was dug by Torchwood's laser technology and extends to the centre of the Earth. Whatever one's perspective, though, there was universal agreement that the regular, weekly portion of series 4 began on 5 April 2008 with the broadcast of Partners in Crime and continued through to the 5 July 2008 broadcast of Journey's End.

She called Wilf and was told to run for her life.

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Donna can't figure out what's going on, making Lance point out she's stupid. Season 10 actually began nine years after season 1 started.

donna noble dr who wiki series

After finding Cora , she had to escape from Gully. She realised that there was something special about the Goritanian flag and got her maids to cover the castle in it.

donna noble dr who wiki series