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G, Wyrick J. Our analysis also indicates that additional factors contribute to SRP specificity and affinity in vivo: N 2004 TOR: Supporting Information. To avoid multi-copy integrants, a number of clones from each transformation were screened by fluorescence microscopy, and clones with unusually high fluorescence signals were excluded from further analysis.

J 2004 Java Treeview—extensible visualization of microarray data. All points fall in a diagonal line, indicating that loss of NAC does not impair membrane targeting. Answering these questions has been hard because most studies have examined only a handful of model proteins and their interactions with a specific chaperone.

Although differences among signal sequences have been shown to modulate translocation in yeast for a small number of substrates reviewed in [57] , [62] , we could not identify a clear correlation between SRP enrichment and any defined physicochemical property in the SS or TM domains themselves, such as length, overall or maximal hydrophobicity, or amino acid composition.

View Article Google Scholar 4. In yeast, the three NAC subunits can be deleted with minimal impact on growth.

At least three, usually four, independent biological replicates were employed for each condition. In Methods for the production of recombinant proteins with improved secretion efficiencies. O-linked occurs in golgi 4. Other Related Materials 7 pages.

The implication is that for some foreign proteins, deleting Vps10 might enhance secretion by preventing vacuolar targeting. View Article Google Scholar 51.

J Cell Biol 2000, 150: Fewell S. Omitting CHX leads to a substantial reduction in the total amount of total RNA recovered, consistent with a substantial reduction in Egd2 binding to ribosomes.

J Cell Biol 134: