Car radio stations wont stay when set

How can I register or edit my radio station on myTuner Radio?

FM Reception Tips

You can also do this on our website on the icon next to the language settings. Fanfare FM http: The American Radio Relay League http: Of course, our goal is crystal-clear stereo reception, but if you can't receive the station cleanly in stereo, switch the tuner or receiver to its mono mode. Non-directional omnidirectional outdoor antennas, such as "turnstiles" and "S-shaped" may be helpful in many instances, and usually give better results than any type of indoor antenna.

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car radio stations wont stay when set

Once you've located a solid ground connection, connect the black probe from the multimeter to it. View Mobile Version.

Why You Have Bad Radio Reception

Frequently Asked Questions What does the message "Error: Jeremy Laukkonen is a tech writer drawing from experience as a technology ghostwriter and as the creator of a popular blog and a video game startup. If you had someone install it, take it back and explain the issue, if you did it yourself, double-check to make sure everything is wired up correctly.

Terms Of Service. Often, it's very difficult to pick up desired stations inside an office building. I dun see the need to re-set the whole thing on each start.

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Most of these areas are not a result of a technical deficiency at the station; rather, local topography, including hills, buildings, trees, etc. I am broadcaster.

car radio stations wont stay when set

Or, if you can get the station on your car radio while in the driveway or garage, this is also a good omen. I had the radio software upgrade done 1 week ago that came out Nov.

car radio stations wont stay when set

IT Worked and have had no... L6T 4L9 Tel: You'll be measuring between 11 and 18 volts DC, so start by setting the multimeter to the 20 volts DC setting.

Could this be a fuse issue? Is there any way to keep power available to the unit all the time? The sleep timer requires Internet connection in order to work.