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More people arrived gradually. I just smiled and nodded at him. My body was helping me. Published on May 19, 2009. A power forward move by Edgar Sy of Consultants-Ralos amid a tight defense.

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I just hope that the organizer next time be conscious of time. The game was interrupted for several minutes while the officiating committee and referees confer in deciding the penalty. By Chris Panganiban Photoshoot by: And if I can beat it that means there is nothing special about it.

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There were enough water supplies in every water station except the one along Lawton Avenue after Essensa. Thank you Pat for taking this photo.

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The shoe donation was very touching to all of us who were there as was the luncheon and the special t-shirt ceremonies at both races. So, I did a walk break again. Kinderdorf took a photo of me while I was on my way to the finish line.

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Filipinos ready to show off basketball skills 15-06-2013. George Vabiano.

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Was that really a fire truck? Then, as I was nearing the 21k chute, fellow Happy Feet Judah, who finished ahead of me, paced with me to the finish line.

While running, I was greeted by fellow runners and bloggers. Recently, a race in Metro Manila, Philippines, excluded women from running a 21k event for reasons that really baffled me. After reading that chapter, I felt better.

One La Salle, 5k, July 2008 0: The interest and the drive must come from you. The planning started five months earlier when I started blogging of my running experiences.