Best whole house hepa air cleaner

Whole House Air Purifier

Unlike room air purifiers, whole house air purifiers run very discreetly in the background, making little to no extra noise. Our favorite features, however, are the automatic shut off timer with 2, 4 and 8 hour intervals, easy tap control buttons and turbo fan mode. If you do not want to deal with an installation or are looking for better dust, allergen, pollen, pet dander, mold, or the removal of indoor air pollution like smoke or odors then a high performance room air purifier is your best choice.

best whole house hepa air cleaner

Filters in the MERV 4 to 8 range do a better job with larger sized mold, mold spores, dust mite debris, plus cat and dog dander. Its comprehensive 3-stage filtration system can take care of anything from common allergens to VOCs, chemical emissions, and odors. Unfortunately, the pre-filter and carbon filter have relatively short lifespan: There are two main types of electronic filters: In this article we gave an overview for whole house air purifiers.

best whole house hepa air cleaner

This is the optimal filter for people who suffer with allergies or asthma. The number describes the amount of air that is passing through the system at a certain point. It features a more comprehensive 3-stage filtration system comprised of a pre-filter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter that can trap odors, gasses, and VOCs.

best whole house hepa air cleaner

We consider it the best home air purifier system available due to its wide range of features and air cleaning power. Filters in the MERV 9 to 12 range begin to remove particles in the 1 to 3 micron size and do a better job in removing pet dander but are not rated to remove any particle less than 1 micron in size.

To know for sure, you must read the fine print on the product specifications. May be ineffective. Requires an activated carbon filter bank and not enough air flow for this type of filter. An example is the Fresh-aire UV system. Whole house air purifiers use pretty much the same filters and technologies as room air purifiers, except they perform at a much larger scale.

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The air is only being filtered while the air filtration system is running. Certain configurations like bypass configuration may lower the efficiency of whole house air purifiers because they let in unfiltered air.

best whole house hepa air cleaner

Expensive Needs to be installed by a professional.