Be who you are unapologetically american

be who you are unapologetically american

We have abundant natural resources, oceans flanking our nation on both sides, and the most incredible commerce the world has ever seen. I am not Unapologetically American because I swore an oath to defend the country—plenty of people did that in various forms.

Unapologetically American

Many voices have noted the political divisiveness in our country as of late. I own guns. The Dog Snobs We don't just know better; we are better. Add to Cart.

be who you are unapologetically american

Facebook 109. I was either the only one who felt that it was not our responsibility, or I was the only one brave enough to say so. Women See More "Close Cart".

I am Unapologetically American

He also has a couple college degrees that might be relevant to what goes on here but probably aren't. When I enlisted in the Army, I took this oath:. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Are you? And it is upon this ideology that my opinions rest.

be who you are unapologetically american

The American Way is hard work. We are Unapologetically American by Choice.

be who you are unapologetically american

Please understand I do not claim this ideology as superior to others; I only offer this as a way to help understand who I am. Gear See More "Close Cart". And we can do one of two things: Disagreements on a number of issues forged the foundation of our laws and the genesis of our separation from England. I accept as my peers all of my fellow citizens—not just the ones who think, look, and act just like me—regardless of race, religion, political orientation, national origin, or any of the identities that others would use to divide us.

It was not just willed to us. But how do I pin down what, exactly, that is?

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A former Airborne Infantryman, PSYOP Team Chief, political tool, welder, bartender, and failed musician to name a few , he enjoys fighting leprechauns, eating Frosted Flakes off the back of his pet woolly mammoth, and pontificating about the possibility of blending the fields of quantum physics and home economics.

Shop Exclusive Shirts Club Exclusives. Of that there can be no doubt. March 15, 2017. Our responsibility as a nation, as a government, should be to American citizens and to improving overall welfare.

Long may we be the land of the free and the home of the brave. If you don't realize that or think you'd have more opportunity elsewhere, you simply haven?