Whose line greatest hits golf

whose line greatest hits golf

Chip co-anchor "Smiley Dick" - high-energy game show host, Wayne sports presenter "Wink Winkley" - sadistic marine drill sergeant, Ryan weatherman "Happy" - gets hit in the crotch with a football. Index Newest Popular Best. Lingerie section of a department store on Valentine's Day.

Episode 2-07

Mosquitoes everywhere. Colin and his secretary Josie , hardly able to keep their hands off each other, arrive at a motel desperate for a room. Whose Line: Cop Shows. In the wild west, tough new Sheriff Colin, on an urgent mission to clean up the town, arrives at the saloon.

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Don't you know their lyrics can be kind of crude? Three-Headed Broadway Star: Chip questions. In Las Vegas.

whose line greatest hits golf

Delores the Gardener. Brain Surgery. Chip hosts.

whose line greatest hits golf

Film Dub: Colin - anchor "Orland Curtainback". Wayne The Temptations, with help from the others. What was it? No more Rogaine. Wayne hosts. Drew Carey then joked, "Some big city mayors say that's not art, I say they're wrong.

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Gambling - Wayne, Drew, Colin, Ryan. Last updated Feb 26 2019. Wayne gospel choir. The Millionaire Show: Leonard the Lawyer. Ryan is excited about the blind date Drew set him up with Colin until he meets her.

whose line greatest hits golf

Chris the Visual Effects designer.